Claudia’s new life

 Posted on November 10, 2015      by admin

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We are photographers who specialise in the area of technology and construction.

We would assume that most of the technology that we film and photograph adds to the quality of peoples lives.

Recently we had the privilege of working with a company in Heidelberg in Germany, Touch Bionics.

They specialise in the provision of bionic hands for the clients.

When we work with a client in a new area of technology.  We find ourselves doing a considerable amount of research so that when we work with the client, we become a contributing member of the team.  The more I read about prosthetic hands, the more I became impressed with the technology of Touch Bionics.

Prior to this I didn’t know that an amputee really only has the use of two muscles to activate their prosthetic hand. Yet in daily life we need a series of grips to enable us complete tasks. to get over this conundrum, touch bionics developed technology by which their clients can use their iPhone  App to get the prosthetic hand to assume one of 36 pre-formed grips.  Not only have they done this but they have left a possibility for users to establish their own grip, install it onto the app for other people to use and allow the fellow users upload the grip to their phone.

Not happy to rest on their laurels,touch bionics have developed a system of proximity chips.  This allows the user to place their hand over the chip to assume the hand configuration required for many tasks.  For instance, if preparing to type, the user would have the hand over the chip and the hand would immediately go into the shape useful for typing.

For this video, we met Claudia, a German skydiving champion.  As we spoke with her.  We started to realise the incredible value that this new bionic hand is for her in our daily life.

As she says in the documentary, “I thank God for my new hand”.

As photographers you’d expect to be just observers in the life we lead and the projects we illustrate.  This is not so, we totally immerse ourselves in our clients projects.  We read and research, we look up online, and we talk to backroom staff at our clients companies. This allows us combine our photographic skills with our marketing background and produce images vital to the marketing of our clients products

Once a shoot or video is compleated, like butterflies, we move onto the next project.  The next challenge, the next idea, the next excitement and help the next client market their technology or product, and then we move on again.

At the moment we are finishing videos for a logistics company, a medical device company and a country pub.  What great variety, what great fun.