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Why would a German company send an Irish photographer to film in California, the home of Hollywood

Touch bionics is the world leader in bionic prosthesis.  It restores normal life to clients who for one reason or another are missing a limb.  The technology of touch bionics brings an intelligence to the prosthetic limb enabling its clients undertake even the most delicate task with their prosthesis.

We live in a two-handed world and restoring the missing hand to a client is possibly life changing.

In the past we grew familiar with missing limbs being replaced with hooks or static hand forms.  Touch bionics have  applied their technology to empower the client in the day-to-day living.

Neil Warner is a corporate photographer/filmmaker who lives in Galway on the West  coast of Ireland. Over a career of 30 years he has harnessed his passion for technology and combined it with curiosity that is almost childlike.  He is fascinated by the developments in the biomedical sector that have massively enhanced the lives and lifestyle of hundreds of thousands of people.

Galway is one of the world centres of biomedical research and development. companies such as Boston scientific, Merit Medical,Medtronic, and Cragianna all have major plants in Galway. The National Universityof Ireland, Galway is a leading research centre in the area of biomedical and stem cell development.

As a young photographer, Neil Warner,moonlighted, working at night with the team leading the research in coeliac disease at University College Galway.  The massive enhancement this research has brought to many people in the West of Ireland has led Neil to continue his interest in the area of the biomedical sector.

His work in the area of prosthesis was led by projects for Trulife , a company based in Ireland with the worldwide footprint.  Trulife have led the market in breast prosthesis and have restored ” normality” to hundreds of thousands of women who have undergone a mastectomy.

It was this work that brought Neil to the attention of the marketing team of touch bionics.  Recently he produced a video shot in Heidelberg, Germany, on” Carla”, a German skydiver who uses a touch bionics prosthesis in her life.

Neil is now scheduled to produce a series of six videos for touch bionics and the next one is being shot in the near future in San Diego, California.

Neil is no stranger to international work and to the United States. Up to now his US work has been on the east coast, most recently shooting for Harmac medical in Buffalo ,New York   Two years ago was invited to New York to receive a leadership medal from the International photography Council of the United Nations for his leadership in European photography.