Ireland Emerges from a Dark Place.

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Over the last seven years of recession in Ireland , we all got on with life despite the misery.
Little did I note that my landscape images were in harmony with the national mood.

Ireland emerges from a Dark place is an on line exhibition of my landscape images shot mainly in the  west of Ireland.

ireland Emerges from a Dark Place

I believe in Ireland

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Some time ago we put together this little video that celebrates the inventiveness of the Irish mind.At this time, the feast of St Patrick and the day that the world celebrates Irishness. We would like you to look at this video and remind yourself of the power of a wonderful little country.

Ireland leads the world in inventiveness. We are leaders in the area of biomedical technology, software development, and foodstuffs.

We are little nation with the big heart. We have survived seven years of pain and misery. We have paid dearly for the miscalculation of a number of greedy financial gurus.

We are on the rise again, due in no uncertain way to our inventive minds.
Inventive minds

I believe in Ireland

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Some time ago we put together this little video that celebrates the inventiveness of the Irish mind.At this time, the feast of St Patrick and the day that the world celebrates Irishness.  We would like you to look at this video and remind yourself of the power of a wonderful little country.

Ireland leads the world in inventiveness.  We are leaders in the area of biomedical technology, software development, and foodstuffs.

We are little nation with the big heart.  We have survived seven years of pain and misery.  We have paid dearly for the miscalculation of a number of greedy financial gurus.

We are on the rise again, due in no uncertain way to our inventive minds. Irish Inventive minds




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Why would a German company send an Irish photographer to film in California, the home of Hollywood

Touch bionics is the world leader in bionic prosthesis.  It restores normal life to clients who for one reason or another are missing a limb.  The technology of touch bionics brings an intelligence to the prosthetic limb enabling its clients undertake even the most delicate task with their prosthesis.

We live in a two-handed world and restoring the missing hand to a client is possibly life changing.

In the past we grew familiar with missing limbs being replaced with hooks or static hand forms.  Touch bionics have  applied their technology to empower the client in the day-to-day living.

Neil Warner is a corporate photographer/filmmaker who lives in Galway on the West  coast of Ireland. Over a career of 30 years he has harnessed his passion for technology and combined it with curiosity that is almost childlike.  He is fascinated by the developments in the biomedical sector that have massively enhanced the lives and lifestyle of hundreds of thousands of people.

Galway is one of the world centres of biomedical research and development. companies such as Boston scientific, Merit Medical,Medtronic, and Cragianna all have major plants in Galway. The National Universityof Ireland, Galway is a leading research centre in the area of biomedical and stem cell development.

As a young photographer, Neil Warner,moonlighted, working at night with the team leading the research in coeliac disease at University College Galway.  The massive enhancement this research has brought to many people in the West of Ireland has led Neil to continue his interest in the area of the biomedical sector.

His work in the area of prosthesis was led by projects for Trulife , a company based in Ireland with the worldwide footprint.  Trulife have led the market in breast prosthesis and have restored ” normality” to hundreds of thousands of women who have undergone a mastectomy.

It was this work that brought Neil to the attention of the marketing team of touch bionics.  Recently he produced a video shot in Heidelberg, Germany, on” Carla”, a German skydiver who uses a touch bionics prosthesis in her life.

Neil is now scheduled to produce a series of six videos for touch bionics and the next one is being shot in the near future in San Diego, California.

Neil is no stranger to international work and to the United States. Up to now his US work has been on the east coast, most recently shooting for Harmac medical in Buffalo ,New York   Two years ago was invited to New York to receive a leadership medal from the International photography Council of the United Nations for his leadership in European photography.






If you love your childern

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If you love your children
If you pay tax in Ireland
If you drive a car in Dublin
you should read the article by James Sheehan in the Sunday business Post entitled 20 reasons why the Children’s Hospital should not be at St James.
It shows that a dreadful mistake is about to be made in the provision of a national Children’s Hospital ( at long last) on the campus of St James’s Hospital in Dublin.

There is a much more intelligent, well thought out, well resourced plan put forward by a man who was already built three hospitals in Ireland. Dr Jimmy Sheehan, a wonderful visionary of healthcare in Ireland outlines how millions upon millions of euros will be wasted in providing a substandard hospital in the substandard site all just for political reasons.
When the politicians visit us. Remember the promises are based on our taxes and our spending. Is it not right that they should be sculptured to meet our needs, not political goals.
Have a  look at this video which shows why the hospital should be on a greenfield site close to the M 50 in Dublin and accessible to a national audience.

We were pleased to work with Dr. Sheehan on this project

A little light helps

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Location Photography


As corporate photographers, we spend most of our time on location.  Recently when working in a brightly lit, ultramodern biomed plant.  I was unexpectedly asked to photograph a section of the plant with a recently installed heat treatment unit. Because most of the project had been anticipated as in available light shoot, I had not brought most my lighting gear in from my Jeep. so I just used a small  flash, which I connected with a radio -controlled slave unit, and in no time at all  I had a very attractive image from what otherwise would have been a very dull situation.

Thinking outside the box, occasionally can be very productive and in this case, save me considerable effort. I would otherwise have had to go to my Jeep but all my lighting gear on a trailer, wheel down the full length of the plant and then start into the often difficult position of trying to find power in the middle of a exceptionally busy plant.


Flying over the floods.

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While our  most of our clients were off enjoying their Christmas break we were flying to record the flooding in the west of Ireland. We shot over 500 images for our clients. As we flew a line from Tuam to Gort in Co Galway we were distressed to see the flooding visited of farmers in the area. Near gort we saw this chicken farm .  Pity the poor farmers. 


Some times you get a kick out of a project

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When delivering the final part of a project for a client of ours today I had an opportunity to meet with the directors of the company.

As always towards the end of the project.  I would ask the question ” Are you happy with the project” .  My client said to me that we had worked so closely on the project, he decided to show the videos to his wife and daughter to get an objective opinion.  His daughter remarked to her Dad ” You should show these videos to your parents, I think they will be very proud”.

What a lovely compliment for us to receive. Not only had we delivered the project as promised but our clients were very proud of our interpretation of their company.

I called out to see my clients today purely to tell them how much I enjoyed the project and how great the staff were to work with .  The project included two night shoots and one very interesting sequence that we shot from a car on the highway.  At all times we had received enthusiastic help from their staff who give up some of the busy time to assist me on the project. They are a company that really know customer service and it works its way down to the way they approach everything, even their way of working  with suppliers.

What a great crew, fun, enthusiastic, and hard working.



Claudia’s new life

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click to see video :Claudia has a new life

We are photographers who specialise in the area of technology and construction.

We would assume that most of the technology that we film and photograph adds to the quality of peoples lives.

Recently we had the privilege of working with a company in Heidelberg in Germany, Touch Bionics.

They specialise in the provision of bionic hands for the clients.

When we work with a client in a new area of technology.  We find ourselves doing a considerable amount of research so that when we work with the client, we become a contributing member of the team.  The more I read about prosthetic hands, the more I became impressed with the technology of Touch Bionics.

Prior to this I didn’t know that an amputee really only has the use of two muscles to activate their prosthetic hand. Yet in daily life we need a series of grips to enable us complete tasks. to get over this conundrum, touch bionics developed technology by which their clients can use their iPhone  App to get the prosthetic hand to assume one of 36 pre-formed grips.  Not only have they done this but they have left a possibility for users to establish their own grip, install it onto the app for other people to use and allow the fellow users upload the grip to their phone.

Not happy to rest on their laurels,touch bionics have developed a system of proximity chips.  This allows the user to place their hand over the chip to assume the hand configuration required for many tasks.  For instance, if preparing to type, the user would have the hand over the chip and the hand would immediately go into the shape useful for typing.

For this video, we met Claudia, a German skydiving champion.  As we spoke with her.  We started to realise the incredible value that this new bionic hand is for her in our daily life.

As she says in the documentary, “I thank God for my new hand”.

As photographers you’d expect to be just observers in the life we lead and the projects we illustrate.  This is not so, we totally immerse ourselves in our clients projects.  We read and research, we look up online, and we talk to backroom staff at our clients companies. This allows us combine our photographic skills with our marketing background and produce images vital to the marketing of our clients products

Once a shoot or video is compleated, like butterflies, we move onto the next project.  The next challenge, the next idea, the next excitement and help the next client market their technology or product, and then we move on again.

At the moment we are finishing videos for a logistics company, a medical device company and a country pub.  What great variety, what great fun.




Catch the Wind

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Catch the Wind( click to see video)


You never really know how things will turn out.some time ago I was commissioned to travel to northern Ireland to film a new windfarm for the electricity company.  I drove the 4 1/2 hours to the location and produced quite a nice video.

A few days later when working with my editor.  He said those dreadful words ” I think you have a problem”

And when we looked closely at the footage on his screen we could see that indeed I did have a problem.  There was a little dust on my sensor and while not very obvious was still a flaw on my images.

I phoned my client who said he had liked the video and when I mentioned the dust, he looked carefully at his laptop screen and said yes.  I think we do have a problem.

Although the dust could be cloned out during postproduction.  I felt the best thing would be to reshoot the project.

So with this in mind I drove up to Northern Ireland again.  Again it was 4 1/2 or trip giving me a nine hour return trip for the project.

As I drove north towards the town of Sligo.  I notice that the day was getting quite dull.  As I am an optimist I continued driving but the day kept on getting darker and darker.

About 20miles from the location I encountered fog.  By the time I got to the foot of the mountain.  I could hardly see the front of my car because of the very dense fog.  Because I travel so far I decided I would continue up the mountain and if necessary, sleep in the car and wait for the weather to clear.

As I drove up the mountain I emerged out of the fog into the most wonderfully blue sky. The quality of light was exceptional and I could hardly believe my eyes with such beautiful shooting conditions.

If you look at this video you will see that most of the images were framed as I would frame a still image.  Having framed each image.  I just let the wind generators provide all the movement.

After a few hours filming I had everything I needed in the can.  As I was preparing to leave the windfarm.  I looked behind me and so that the fog was creeping up the road towards me and engulfing some of the generators.

At the end of the shoot  I drove home and enjoyed every minute of the journey, realising that we had done the honourable thing by offering to reshoot the project and were rewarded with a magnificent day and a great shooting opportunity.

Enjoy the video.


Neil Warner