A young hero

 Posted on August 30, 2016      by admin

A young Hero

Not often I moved to tears by a story that we are filming

As a corporate photographer we are engaged today by day in helping our clients market their products and services, but you never expect to see such powerful impact made by our clients products and a young boy and his family.


Josh is 10 years old and was born with just one hand.  Following careful research,  his parents came across Touch Bionics . Touch Bionics provide bionic hands and digits to patients who for one reason or another, do not have hand.  The first film we shot for touch bionics was about Claudia.  She is a German lady who was a prize-winning skydiver and is leading a wonderfully normal life due largely to the bionic hand she wears.  Claudia was born with one hand and  prayed each night as a child t that somehow God would give her a second-hand to enable her live rewarding life.  She now lives an extremely active life and is a prize-winning skydiver.

The second film we made was of Moses, a young Mexican man who lives in San Diego, California. Moses lost four fingers in an accident some years ago and Touch Bionics have given him back his life by the addition of touch digits a glove like prosthesis that gives him full range of movement in his “new” hand. He lives a fulfilling life in San Diego, working in the property development industry with golf as his hobby.

Josh Cathcart lives in Fife, not far from Edinburgh.  Josh was born with only one hand.  When the NHS gave him a hook as a prosthesis he became the focus of bullying and derision at school.  With his new hand  Josh lives  the very full life an energetic, confident  young boy approaching his teenage years. His social life revolves around skateboarding and cycling with other young people. “.  We just wanted him to be normal” , said his dad .

Have a look at the video and you see the judge indeed is not just normal but exceptional.  He lives a full life, has great friends and loves his family.

As an experienced marketeer one often becomes cynical of claims by manufacturers for their products.  It’s not often that a client of ours “a normal life”to its customers.  Touch Bionics offers a wonderfully normal life to people who would have lived with a severe disadvantage prior to receiving their prosthetic limb.  It’s great to see technology harnessed in such a way to really benefit individuals in the most powerful manner.

Were we asked to write this article ?

No.  During the filming I was struck by the openness of Josh and his parents in their willingness to tell Josh’s story.  They knew it was going to be an intrusion into their privacy, but they undertook the project hoping that it would inspire others to travel down the same road and empower their child for the rest of his life.

Not often   am I moved to tears when filming a project, but the success of Josh and the generosity of his parents have made me realise what a wonderful thing that living “a normal life” is for us all.

Josh, a young hero